Government Relations

Our team utilizes meaningful relationships at the federal, state, and local levels of government with extensive experience advocating on behalf of business and industry.

Legislative & Government Affairs Customized for Your Business.

Advantous Consulting’s legislative affairs services are uniquely designed to equip your business with the necessary resources and intel to effectively monitor and understand relevant tax policy and legislative issues. Using a personalized approach, our team of state and local tax experts will work with your team to identify the tax issues that are important to your business. Once identified, we will develop a customize plan to monitor, analyze, report, and advise upon those issues.

Our Team of Experts

Government Relations Services

Issue Refinement

  • Conduct initial due dilligence on tax-related laws
  • Aggregate multi-state applicable laws, rules & regulations
  • Initiate preliminary informal & confidential discussions with key state agency personnel

Develop Policy, Research & Fiscal Impact

  • Conduct research & create policy recommendations
  • Draft report of policy recommendations with estimated fiscal & stakeholder impact
  • Expert review of report, analysis & impacts

Draft Legislation

  • Develop & draft initial legislation
  • Conduct confidential key stakeholder meetings in conjuction with client to seek input, support, and modify draft legislation
  • Facilitate discussion with Louisiana legislative fiscal office to ensure accuracy
  • Assist with coordination & strategies for determining potential bill author(s)

Legislative Process

  • Assist with developing key strategies for legislation passage
  • Provide technical tax expertise & consultation throughout the process including routine briefings
  • Coordinate with all legislative committees & staff that proposed legislation may be heard
  • Deliver expert testimony as needed during all legislative committee hearings