Community Involvement

Team Advantous is not only committed to our clients, but we are also committed to improving the communities we serve. 

Impacting Community

To Advantous, “impact” means doing more than meeting our own individual needs or that of our clients’. At Advantous, we see the bigger picture and how our unique position can allow us to positively impact the communities we work in. Advantous is committed to positively impacting our community by assisting clients in creating new jobs for families and supporting the philanthropic activities of our employees. 

Advantous and its employees are heavily involved in non-profit, philanthropic, and community activities through service and contributions to organizations. Several groups we serve alongside are The Salvation Army, The Junior League, Teach for America, and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank—just to name a few. Advantous’ two-pronged community impact approach is key in shaping where we work and live into better places.