Appeals & Disputes

Let our team help you facilitate the effective and efficient resolution of even the most complex, protracted, and controversial of tax matters.

Tax Appeals & Disputes Services

Advantous can help you spend more time earning a profit and growing your business.

Our Team of Experts 

Kristian A. Gerrets

Kristian A. Gerrets

Senior Manager, Appeals & Disputes

Advantous Consulting’s Appeals and Disputes Team is comprised of seasoned professionals who utilize their decades of experience to facilitate the effective and efficient resolution of even the most complex, protracted, and controversial of tax matters. Our unique approach and methodology provide our clients superior outcomes in the most cost-effective manner possible and usually in a time period that is faster than traditional litigation is able to provide. Our Appeals and Disputes practice is adept at handling a wide variety tax types and extremely confident in its ability to restore hope to even the grimmest of tax controversies. Our specialists are wholly focused on resolving our clients’ most daunting tax matters, and as such, execute a strategic and proactive management plan throughout the appeals process – providing a significant “value add” for the taxpayers whom we represent.

Appeals & Disputes Services

Resolving Existing Controversies

  • Responding to Various Types of Tax Notices
  • Structuring and Negotiation of Settlements
  • Negotiating Offers in Compromise
  • Provision of Government Relations Assistance to Resolve Issues Legislatively

Appeal of Assessments & Refund Claims Denial

  • Handling the Administrative Appeals Process from Start to Resolution
  • Drafting of Protests Letters and Representation before Taxing Authorities
  • Representation in Administrative Hearings and Pre-filing Negotiations
  • Drafting and Filing of Redetermination Petitions
  • Negotiation of the Settlement of Assessments and Refund Claims with Unresolved Transactions

Strategy & Planning

  • Review Contracts for Potential Areas of Concern
  • Transactional Structuring Consultation
  • Representation before State and Local Taxing Authorities
  • Drafting of Policy Documents for Submission to Taxing Authorities

Risk & Exposure Mitigation

  • Negotiate Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Assistance with the Completion of Nexus Questionnaires
  • Conduct Nexus Studies relative to Business Activity
  • Analyze Potential Multistate Exposure Issues based on Locations of Employees and Capital
  • Assess Risk and Calculate Potential Tax Exposure