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What We Do

Our Procedural Pathway to Success

We believe that every project has unique facts, circumstances, and business parameters. Achieving our client’s goals requires a customized, client-centered approach complemented by a team of professionals and experienced resources. Our unmatched experience allows us to seamlessly combine the client’s specific project requirements with our proven processes to produce a successful overall strategy to maximize our client’s opportunities. We work closely with both our client’s staff and the various government agencies to implement the client’s strategy. Throughout the project, we perform the project tracking, follow up, and communication essential to ensure success.
1. Research -During this phase of the project, we gather relevant company, operational, and project information; we outline the issues and potential savings opportunities; draft estimated project timelines, estimate potential liabilities, and estimate potential savings opportunities. Our findings are presented to our client for consideration and planning purposes.
2. Planning – Following the research phase, a formal plan will be developed for our client’s project. This phase of the process is comprehensive, but some of the key components include the analysis of the information gathered from the research phase; preliminary discussions with governmental bodies, as necessary; strategy development for securing the desired results; and meeting facilitation with a variety of stakeholders to ensure coordination and success.
3. Implementation – The implementation phase actively executes the project plan developed from the prior two phases. This phase involves approaching state or local governmental bodies; preparing the necessary forms, reports, presentations, or applications required for certain approvals; ongoing communication with the appropriate authorities and boards; overall coordination and organization of the process; and continuous monitoring of the compliance requirements.
4. Post-Implementation – We pride ourselves on our professionalism and full commitment to customer service. We believe our role is to provide services until the goals and objectives of the project plan are achieved. We do not simply implement the plan and hope that the plan results in benefits.
Our goal is to achieve client satisfaction through continuous support and assistance through the process and afterwards, until the goals, objectives, and benefits of the process are realized.


Sales and Use Tax Consulting

As a premier sales and use tax consulting firm, we are focused on helping companies navigate unique and complex sales and use tax environments. Our talented and experienced team of professionals puts our extensive knowledge to work to handle all sales and use tax issues, including reverse audits, audit defense, and multi-state appeals and disputes.

Some of our services include:

  • Reverse Sales & Use Tax Audits
  • Sales & Use Tax Audit Mitigation
  • Private Letter Rulings
  • Transactional Advice
  • Managed Audits
  • Outsourced Compliance (i.e., Sales and Use Tax Return Preparation)
  • Voluntary Disclosure and Tax Registration
  • Exclusion/Exemption Certificates for Qualified Companies



Property Tax Consulting

Our team members have worked in property tax abatement, valuation mitigation, and property tax appeals and disputes for over 30 years. We have worked closely with state departments, numerous tax assessors, and local government and economic development organizations to give our clients the very best value for their assets.

Some of our services include:

  • Industrial Property Tax Exemption Program compliance and consulting
  • Documentation and preparation of annual property tax renditions
  • Property tax roll review
  • Assistance with required reporting to assessors and to the state
  • Payments-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT)



Business Incentives

Advantous has the most comprehensive team of professionals for providing business incentive and tax credit services. We deliver bottom line savings, helping our clients secure sales and use tax rebates, payroll rebates, refundable investment income tax credits, project facility expense rebates, income tax credits, franchise tax credits, cash grants, and property tax abatements.

Some of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development incentive programs with which we frequently work include:

  • Louisiana Quality Jobs Program
  • Louisiana Industrial Property Tax Exemption Program
  • Louisiana Enterprise Zone Program
  • Louisiana Cooperative Endeavor Agreement



Income & Franchise Tax Consulting

Advantous has a specialized team of tax experts who are able to provide clients with insightful and comprehensive guidance in connection with their complex and fact-specific income tax issues, such as planning and strategy, nexus concerns, audit defense, and the mitigation of exposure.

Some of our services include:

  • Planning strategy
  • Addressing nexus concerns
  • Audit defense
  • Mitigation of exposure



Appeals & Disputes

Advantous’ seasoned team of tax professionals have successfully secured advantageous results for our clients before an array of taxing authorities and administrative bodies. As Advantous advises clients from a wide variety of industries and in all aspects of tax compliance and planning, we are a market leader in handling formal appeals and disputes of all tax types.

Some of our services include:

  • Administrative disputes and formal protests with state agencies, local taxing authorities and contract auditors on a variety of tax types and complicated issues
  • Negotiation and execution of Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Settlement negotiations at all levels of state and local government
  • Appeals before the Louisiana Board of Commerce and Industry



Government Relations

Our Government Affairs Team has developed unique relationships at the federal, state and local level of government, including state agencies and officials, and has extensive experience advocating on behalf of business and industry. We also understand the importance of building relationships for our clients in the communities in which they do business.

Some of our services include:

  • Preparation of amendments to tax legislation
  • Fiscal note preparation
  • Issue advocacy, both company-specific and industry wide
  • Preparation of research, memorandums, and other collateral
  • Testifying before all necessary committees, boards, or agencies

Advantous can help you spend more time earning a profit and growing your business.

Does your business need help navigating Louisiana’s complex tax code? Contact us today to speak to one of our tax professionals and learn more about how Advantous can help protect and enhance your bottom line.

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