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Advantous Consulting, L.L.C. ("Advantous") is a boutique consulting firm that

makes it easy and efficient for small, medium and large companies to secure

Louisiana business incentives, Louisiana tax credits, and federal tax credits.

Advantous' team of professionals has decades of experience, dedicated resources,

and technical expertise available to help our clients achieve their project goals.

Advantous' team also has unparalleled expertise working with government affairs,

sales/use tax, and property tax matters.

Advantous Consulting, L.L.C. was formed in January 2006 by its partners

Don Allison and Jimmy Leonard to provide value-added niche services to

improve the bottom line of businesses that are operating, expanding, or

considering expanding, in Louisiana. Both Don and Jimmy are experienced

executives. They are strategic advisors to many of Louisiana's leading businesses.



Our Full Range of Services

We offer customizable end-to-end solutions for a wide range of industries.
Our client portfolio is diverse and includes companies from small not-for-profit
organizations to large multi-national corporations. We have also worked in
multiple business sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, oil & gas,
electric generation, natural gas storage, medical, and commercial development.
Our customizable services range from turn-key compliance services to high
level planning and advisory consulting.

Our Experience

Our team of professionals has significant experience in their respective fields.
Our combined experience totals more than 50 years of Louisiana business
incentive and tax credit experience; 35 years of lobbying and government affairs
experience; 40 years of sales/use tax and property tax experience. Add in our
professional designations, master degrees, real estate background, construction
experience, prior careers in the government sector, and prior careers with global
consulting firms; and it's clear we have accumulated a level of experience few
others can match.

Learn more about the individual skills sets of our team members in
The Advantous Team section.

A History of Success

Advantous was formed in January 2006 by Jimmy Leonard and Don Allison,
both former KPMG employees. Companies have been turning to Jimmy and
Don for state and local tax and business incentives assistance since 1997.
Over the years, Jimmy and Don have managed a team that has achieved a
remarkable track record of success while working with some of the largest
employers and on some of the largest project developments in the state.
In fact, the Advantous team has helped clients inject over $5.5 billion of new
capital investment into Louisiana and create over 10,000 new jobs in the state.
Our services have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in bottom line
savings for our clients.